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Debt Collections in Portugal

Do you have a large amount of debt and not enough resources to pay it?

When a creditor sues you to collect debt you haven’t paid, you have two choices to deal with the lawsuit: allow the creditor to obtain a judgment against you or hire an attorney to represent you in the lawsuit.

PMCG knows the best strategy to minimize your legal risk.

Debt settlement attorneys are like bankruptcy attorneys, but you may want the help of a debt settlement lawyer first since you want to avoid going into bankruptcy.

Even if there is no guarantee that a debt settlement attorney will be able to lower your debt, hiring one gives you a much better chance than if you handle your creditors on your own or with a debt settlement service.

Furthermore, hiring a lawyer can ensure that you have the best information available with which to defend the suit and can save you money in the long run.

We can:

  • Give you practical legal advice after fully analysing your situation;
  • Analyse all your options with you;
  • Figuring out if you really should try to settle your debts or whether you should do something else, like file for bankruptcy, for example;
  • Represent you if a credit files a lawsuit;
  • Do the counterclaim;
  • Negotiate your debts;
  • Help If a creditor violates the law, providing specific advice and tell you how to proceed in your situation;

At PMCG we make sure you’re hiring a legitimate law firm and not a debt settlement company masquerading as one!