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The Firm


PMCG is a Portuguese law firm offering a broad range of legal services designed to fulfil our Clients` demands, catering to diversified sectors and areas of economic activity.

PMCG's team of lawyers is composed of senior experienced professionals, focused on the Clients` needs and oriented towards the creation of solutions wish delivered to enhanced value for our Clients.

PMCG has an international presence through a network of professional partnerships which provides the required support to our Clients` activity in foreign markets.

In addition, PMCG is a member of various Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce established in Portugal as well as being part of International Associations of Law Professionals.

The Firm


PMCG seeks to provide high quality services and technical competence by offering innovative and efficient legal solutions which translate into effective added value gains towards our Clients.

The Firm



Our standards of quality and excellence, embedded in our daily activity, reflect the commitment we make to our Clients, as with all we interact and interface.

Trust and Proximity

We base our relationship with our Clients on trust and proximity, updating our skills and offering our services in order to meet to the development of our Clients` business activity.


We are committed to executing our services in a timely manner, according to strict standards of technical quality and demanding, suited to the nature, complexity and urgency of the matters.


At PMCG, we maintain the highest standards of professional ethics, technical excellence and professional responsibility.

The Firm


PMCG maintains a solid network of professional partnerships with foreign law firms and law professionals, addressed to support our Clients` activity in foreign markets.

Consequently, PMCG is able to provide our Clients with legal support in most European countries, Asia, Africa and America.

PMCG is also a member of various Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, as well as several International Law Professionals Associations.

"Wherever You Are, We Are There With You"