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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett
Areas of Pratice


PMCG frequently intervenes and represents Clients in Corporate Recovery, Restructuring (PER, RERE, PEAP) and Insolvency - private and corporate-, revealing our effective and expeditious response in all its legal implications.

Due Diligence

PMCG provides due diligence services, through the constitution of each unique team attending the service expected by the client and its area of activity, with the purpose of delivering a service of excellence.

Areas of Pratice


The litigation team at PMCG has vast experience in dispute resolution. In either litigation or pre-litigation, we adopt the best strategy for each case in order to obtain the most adequate and satisfactory result.

PMCG frequently makes use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and out-of-court settlement mechanisms, including voluntary arbitration.

We possess diversified experience in several areas of procedural litigation which include several of the most relevant areas of civil litigation, including Civil Responsibility and Tort Law.

Areas of Pratice


PMCG offers personalized legal support and representation to our Clients` business, from the moment of creation and establishment to the day to day activity.

We specialize in establishing commercial companies and business of any kind and advising on mergers and acquisition procedures.

PMCG caters to a wide range of business needs:

• Monitoring, coordination and advisement on negotiation procedures in the establishment of new businesses, companies, Joint-Venture, shareholders and para-social agreements;

• Advising in the Corporate area on Incorporations, Mergers, Divisions, Dissolutions and Transformations of Companies;

• Venture Capital and Financial Markets Advisement;

• Legal support and advisement to company licensing and commercial practice and activities;

• Negotiation, drafting, legal support and advisement on commercial contracts;

• Legal support and advisement on online commerce.

• Corporate secretarial service and formalization of corporate acts and documentation.

Areas of Pratice


PMCG offers personalized legal support in National and International Tax Law. Our intervention in this area addresses all of Portuguese Tax Law, namely, IRC, IRS, IVA, IMI, IMT, Stamp Tax, Special Consumer Taxation.

We also cover national and international tax law and tax litigation, including the following areas:

• Corporate Recovery and Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A);

• Tax Due-Diligence procedures;

• Individual or corporate Real Estate Acquisition, Structuring of Assets, Liabilities and Tax Benefits;

• Obtaintion of Non Habitual Resident Status (NHR) or applying to “come back” program;

• Tax Advise of Clients on the subject of Expatriation and Immigration;

• Advise and application of double taxation agreement;

• Advisement and legal support on Tax Law, regarding day-by-day corprate issues related to contracts, training, labour law, service providers, withholding taxes;

• Advise on VAT issues as localization of tax operations, qualifications of operations, determination of incidence rules, refunds, right to deduct in group relations, among other issues;

• Training in tax matters.

Areas of Pratice


In the areas of Procurement, Expropriation for Public Use and Interest, Administrative and Real Estate Law, PCMG intervene and provide legal support to our Clients in Administrative Procedures of a diversified nature. Additionally, we cater to their representation within litigation proceedings with the Administrative Courts.

We tailor our approach in a personalized and close manner covering all legal support, representation and litigation needs in these matters, namely in the following areas:

• Monitoring, providing support and representation in Procurement procedures, both in acquisition of goods and services, Licensing or Administrative Permits;

• Contract Drafting;

• Representation of our Clients in litigation procedures emerging from Public Construction performance issues;

• Representing and providing legal support in cases of Expropriation for Public Use and Interest including litigation procedures in Administrative Arbitration and opposition;

• Litigation regarding non-contractual Public Civil Liability;

• Opposition to Agreements and Procedures;

• Expropriation for Public Use and Interest;

• Monitoring construction, allotment, approval, urbanization and development plans and procedures;

• Monitoring and accompaniment of administrative activity regarding Planning and Urban Rehabilitation and Regeneration, establishing and revising formalities and drafting normative content for Plans, procedures and respective Tax and Fiscal planning;

• Consulting services and litigation in Real Estate Law and urbanization performance matters regarding diversified mechanisms for territorial management.

Areas of Pratice


At PMCG we believe the most important asset in any organization is the people. We offer our Clients a full range of services suited to an efficient and swift human resource management.

We tailor our approach in a personalized and close manner covering all legal support, representation and litigation needs in Labour Law, namely in:

• Individual and Collective Labour Law;

• Social Security;

• Labour Accidents and Occupational Injuries;

• Preventive legal consultancy, employment agreements;

• Initiation and conclusion of disciplinary processes;

• Individual negotiations regarding the termination of employment agreements;

• Advisement, Management and legal support on Human Resources;

• Advising in the corporate area on incorporations, mergers, divisions, dissolutions and transformations of companies;

• A support in additional administrative procedure performance in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Areas of Pratice


Following up with the continuous technological evolution alongside creative and inventive activity, PMCG offers a complete service including legal support, advisement and representation.

Our approach covers all subject matters related with Brand registration, Utility Models and Patents, and litigation services, making sure we provide our Clients the legal security in the timely manner they require.

We offer legal support and advisement in Copyright and Related Rights, excelling in swiftness and clarity.